Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm Moving to DISNEY WORLD!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while, and for that I apologize. Between taking 19 credit hours at school, doing an internship, plus being the secretary of the English Honors Society PLUS just joining the Communication Studies Honors Society, I am DROWNING in work. But...I HAVE BIG NEWS!

On top of all of that, I have been working on applications for the Disney College Program and the Disney Professional Internships. While the PIs pay more and would target my major, they start in June and my current lease isn't up until August. Obviously, I would be willing to make something work if I did get a PI, but I was hoping for the DCP...and yesterday... I GOT ACCEPTED!

I was not offered my top role, but I was offered one of my moderate roles, which is Vacation Planner! Basically, that means "ticket seller." At first I was kind of surprised I got offered that role, but then I realized the main thing is ticket sales...and I worked at a movie theater for almost 4 years. So I guess that makes sense. I also mentioned upselling in relation to the Merchandise role during my interview with my recruiter, but it makes sense that she would see fit for that as a Vacation Planner as well.

I actually have not submitted any PI applications yet and I think I will hold off until this Fall for the Spring 2016 PIs. Just because the timing works out much better for the DCP, plus it would give me Disney working experience, which is usually a plus for the PIs! Either way, I am so so excited! My boyfriend will be moving with me along with our two kittens (yes, we are moving to Orlando PERMANENTLY). My check-in date is August 10th, so I look forward to meeting any other CPs then!

This year has been so exciting so far. We leave for New York City (for my Wentworth Fellowship) in two weeks! Our flight leaves at 5:20 A.M. (yikes!) but that puts us in New York around 9 A.M.! We are staying at the Shoreham Hotel in Midtown and we will be seeing Constellations on Broadway on March 13th. :) I seriously cannot wait! (Plus, I get to look over JD Salinger ORIGINAL manuscripts and such...what could be better?!)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Finals Are Over! (And Have Been For...About a Week).

I thought being out of school would give me more time to do a lot of things--work out, cook more, spend more time with friends, blog more--but that hasn't really been happening. Over the past few days, Michael and I have started working out again, so there is that. I have seen some friends that I didn't see so much over the course of the semester too. That blogging thing though? Ooops. (I won't lie, the majority of my time has been spent watching Once Upon a Time. I'm halfway done with season two.)

Finals are over though, which is a big weight off of my shoulders. I managed a 4.0 GPA this semester (which I've only been able to do one other time over my school career, and that was over this past summer!). My group for PR II got a clean sweep this semester and won every competition over the other group--the client picked our proposal every time!

At this point, I'm waiting for my Wentworth funds to be dispersed so that I can book my hotel and plane ticket for New York City over Spring Break. I cannot wait! I've also researched some other stuff and put together an itinerary to (loosely) follow for the trip. I'm still looking to add more, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Lastly, Christmas is in FIVE days. It seems like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving. This month has flew by. I'm basically done Christmas shopping--I might buy a few more small things, but for the most part, I'm finished.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hard Work and Pixie Dust.

It's been a bit from my last update, but that's because things are going SO AMAZINGLY WELL. Remember when I was upset that my piece didn't get accepted to UNCW's Literary Journal? How about that I wasn't elected for PR Officer for Sigma Tau Delta? Or I didn't get the Business Writer job on campus? Well, I'm going to go ahead and say that these things happened for a reason.

First, I GOT THE WENTWORTH FELLOWSHIP. I am so so so incredibly excited, thankful, thrilled, [insert happy emotion here] that I am going to visit New York City over Spring Break! I'll be there for approximately a week (maybe eight or nine days, depending on the cost of the hotel that I can find on Priceline) and I'll be studying the life and works of JD Salinger, such as his most famous novel The Catcher in the Rye. I could go on and on about this, but I'll save it for increments leading up to my Spring Break. I just can't believe that I'm actually being given this wonderful opportunity! (Ps. Thank you Mr. Charles F. Green III for the funds, the Wentworth Committee for choosing my proposal, and Dr. Noland for being my faculty advisor and guiding me throughout the application process!)

Second, Sigma Induction! There were less people being inducted this semester than the semester that I was inducted, so it was a small ceremony. But this was also the ceremony where I was installed as an officer. Did I want PR? Yes. Am I thrilled to be secretary? YES. I love the other officers--two of whom are good friends of mine--and the organization, so why wouldn't I be excited to represent it in some way? Also, I was not aware that in terms of recognition, it goes President, Vice President, Secretary.

Third, I GOT AN INTERNSHIP! I'll be working with the Cape Fear Community College Foundation and I am so excited to work with such a wonderful organization. It won't begin until January, but I'm excited that I'll be able to get some real, hands-on experience with my career path.

Even though things seemed hard for a moment, things are definitely looking up now. Not to mention, does anyone watch the HBO show Girls?! This song is in the trailer for season four and it is my jam. Such an upbeat, addictive tune. It's also so fitting! I wish someone would've shoved this song in my face two weeks ago.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Only sixteen days of the semester left, we got this!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Learning to Deal with Rejection.

So, as I posted yesterday, today was the day that I ran for Sigma's PR Officer position. Unfortunately, I did not get it. That is in part my mistake--I went first, so I was nervous, as I didn't know what my opponent's speech was going to be. I skipped portions that I wanted to include. I grazed over my experiences as opposed to describing each one with depth. I could've definitely sold myself more, but public speaking has never been my strong point. However, he was also a worthy candidate, obviously, since he won, so I can't beat myself up too much. One girl even said, "Can we vote for both and have them both do the position?" so it was obviously a close race in many people's minds. Better luck next time.

With that said, I was offered the position of secretary, so there is that. And I'm excited for it. Honestly, I was content with either position, but PR aligns with my career goals, hence why I wanted that one. But either way, being an officer for Sigma will definitely help in the future, because who am I to say no to experience?

It is difficult, though. This past week I feel like I've just been given rejection after rejection. My piece wasn't selected for Atlantis. I didn't get the business writer position. Now, I didn't get the officer position that I originally wanted. Hopefully all of this leads to good karma soon.

Oh well. I'm a writer, I better get used to rejection.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I've Been Gone Much Too Long.

It's odd to think of how much spare time I had when I originally started this blog. One or two posts a week? That's no big deal! Or, so I thought. Now, I struggle to get a full nights rest and I miss appointments because I forget or I am busy. Good news is, this week is Writer's Week.

For those of you who do not know what Writer's Week is, it's a week at UNCW in the fall where the Creative Writing department puts on a host of panels and readings and Q&A's. That sort of thing. Well, this semester I am in two Creative Writing classes, so that means those classes are cancelled ALL WEEK. Instead, I have to attend two events for each class and write up a page about them. The good part is that I can choose whichever events I want to attend, which means my schedule is more lenient this week.

Also, my senior seminar/rhetorical theory professor is out of town on Wednesday, so class is cancelled then. Which means, in theory, all of my classes are cancelled on Wednesday.

On a sad note, I did get word that I was NOT selected for the Business Writer job on campus and one of my pieces was also NOT selected for Atlantis. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Tomorrow I have a meeting for Sigma and I'm running for PR Officer. I still need to prepare a speech in which I attempt to persuade people to vote for me. I hate speaking, so I'm hoping it's a small group that attends the meeting tomorrow. Unfortunately that also would mean that there are less people to vote. If I don't get PR Officer, I will probably take the position of Secretary though, so it's something. But seeing as I'm studying PR, that's the position I'm hoping to get. (Plus, I'm missing out on the CSS Panel that I designed the program for to be there, so it'll be quite sad if I don't get it.)

I think I mentioned that I submitted my application for the Wentworth Fellowship. Our applications were due October 20th and we are supposed to receive word of whether we have won or not by Thanksgiving Break. Our break is November 26th, so that's 24 days max before I know.

Anyway, my goal is to let my food I just ate digest a little bit and then work out in some fashion, so I'm going to get to that. I hope everyone has been doing well!

Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Fall Break, Y'all!

Finally. Half way through the semester. A five day weekend (sort of).

This past week was hectic and I apologize for being such a stranger. I never intended on my senior year to be so busy! Between midterms and papers and my Wentworth application and graphic design work and helping my PR professor with odd jobs and everything, I am so drained. On Wednesday I was literally on campus from 11:30 AM-10:30 PM because a group project went weary and I ended up staying with one other girl out of five to finish it up. I guess that's life.

My Wentworth application is due in TEN days. Then we find out before Thanksgiving Break if I get it or not. Fingers crossed!

I'm also considering a small on-campus job, because I am broke and my loan won't go in until January. The other option is a job over Christmas Break as a seasonal position which would be fine and probably work into my schedule better, considering I have to do an internship in the Spring. Speaking of which, event planning internships. Currently looking for an Event Planning/PR internship and that is exhausting as well.

Not to mention, I'm also running for PR Officer for the UNCW chapter of the English Honor's Society, Sigma Tau Delta. I know someone else is running for it (unlike last spring when many positions were unopposed, so if you were interested, you got the position) so it's obvious I may not win...but why not? Plus, it's PR, so it could only help my resume if I were to win (of course, that just adds even more to my plate, but oh well).

Regardless, I get a break right now, so I'm just going to enjoy it (until Tuesday night when I have a paper, a workshop piece, a reading, 150 pages in a book, a response to said book, and more reading due next week).

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One Quick Update...

Why do I always wait until midnight to do my homework? It's a good thing I don't have class until either 12:30 or 11:00, because I would be exhausted. I always stay up until like 2:00 am. Sigh.

Tomorrow will be busy. I'll have class from 12:30-4:45. Then, I'll have a networking event from 5:30-7:00 downtown for event planning. I'm nervous. I've never been to one. I have to wear dressy clothes. I have to talk to people. This is a big deal.

After that, I'll have to work on an essay that is due on Thursday, or at least a rough draft. So it's not extremely bad, but still. We're doing peer review and the teacher does check all revisions when we turn them in, so I need to have something decent. I also have another approx. 50 pages left in Wuthering Heights, which I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with. It's definitely not as bad as I anticipated, but it's also just so tedious to read and most of the characters are ridiculous (but aren't they always?). And then we have to write a response on that.

I also asked one of my professors to be my faculty sponsor for Wentworth! He said yes and that he would write me a stunning letter of recommendation. So it's nice to have at least that portion of the application done. Well, the entire thing is done, but it definitely needs some revision.

Like I said...quick update! I really must run along and read some fiction now for my class tomorrow.